Shop Like a Yogi

The holidays are only a week away and I’m feeling GREAT: I’m done with my shopping!

Honestly, I had a blast shopping this year. Sure, I suffered the mall for a couple of items. But for the most part, I purchased local and small business. Which means that I spent quite of bit of my gift-buying time enjoying my friends. I reached out to the talented and ambitious local artists and shop owners for their ideas and support in choosing gifts for those on my Christmas (and Hanukah) list.

Why not buy from friends? They are, in fact, FRIENDS! I like them. I want them to be successful and to prosper. I want them to be able to make a living doing what makes them happy. I want to support them by purchasing their products. When they are happy, they are fun to be friends with….and when I am supportive, they want to be friends with me!

If that’s sounding good to you, consider finishing up your shopping from this list:

Pamela Price is an Akron yoga teacher and artist with a outpouring of loving creativity! She makes meditation alters (one-of-a-kind!), jewelry and wearable art. Her work is sold at Don Drumm, at VIDA & CO, via her website and through private commision.  She is the yoga goodness behind Fresh Air Yoga at Crown Point Ecology Center and teaches (with meee!!) at Yoga Bliss. Access ALL of it at

Ylonda Rosenthal-Greene is a friend and yoga teacher from CLE. She makes beautiful malas. I get so many compliments on the one she made me…you see it around my neck always. She will help you choose stones to empower your intention. And she will chant mantra to bless your mala in her soul beautiful voice.

Evan and Eileen Middleton are ESquaredGlass (Independence). You see Eileen at lululemon and Evan at Towpath Fitness. They repurpose wine bottles for drinking glasses and serving trays. Super hip! They are on etsy at or message them through Facebook.

T-shirts with a local flare? Angela Fachs is Universal Architect (Canton). You might have met her at Elevate Akron. She’s at some of the local yoga studios as well. Online at etsy:

Erin Shanahan is originally from Georgia but is now Akron proud! She's a potter-extraordinaire! She is Shanahan Studios on Facebook and @shanahanstudios on Instagram. Expect a few furry faces and lots of puppy love...Shannon rescues!  

Treat her right with all natural paleo skin care. Trina Felber is Primal Life Organics (Fairlawn). She’s worth having a conversation with…not just for product recommendations but for a ton of solid scientific research on what’s in commercial skin care products…deodorants, toothpastes…just ask her.

Yogi fave: Indu Lotion. Marni Task is on the map! Hailing CLE, her product is everywhere yoga. Get it direct at

Don’t forget my word boxes! Words for the Journey are wooden treasure chests containing fifty four wooden cards...each with an inspiring word to align you body, mind, heart and soul. They are available at or at Yoga Bliss. I’m giving a few of these myself! 

Zach Friedhof is an Akron singer, songwriter and warrior/activist for peace. His CDs are on his website and are available at The Market Path in Highland Square.

While you’re at the Market Path, take a look around! The Market Path is a fair trade store that features many talented local folks…ask Carrie to share her stories!

Another local gift stop guaranteed to gift you well: The Gardener of Bath. Creative gift ideas from Justin, Heather and Gus. Sometimes complimentary fresh-made margaritas! (I told you…friends!!)

Once you've done your bop around town, enjoy a mug of kombucha from Canton yoga teacher Kristi Leahy. Her home crafted beverage is on tap at Royal Docks Brewing Company. Learn more at

A class pass for YOGA makes a great gift! There are many great yoga studios peppered around the Akron area. Each offers yoga classes in many different styles for many different physical, mental and spiritual needs. Trust me, they might not all be for you but they are ALL good!  A few mentions: Blue Hen Yoga (Nancy Holland in the City of Akron), Release Yoga (Pattie Wagner in Green), Lifesource (Diane in Fairlawn), Yoga Squared (Nikki Shell in Highland Square), Kent/One Love Yoga (Tim and April Huth in Kent), Hudson Yoga Lounge (Eric and Leba in Hudson), Spiritual Life Society (Matt and Larry in Hudson), Yoga Strong (Amanda Fulmer in Canton), Yoga Bliss (Caroline Granowski in Fairlawn…my home!)

There are so many talented healing arts practitioners in the area! Just a few to consider: Julie and Amanda offer great massage at Yoga Bliss. Jenn Shope is reiki at Zen Path Healing in Stowe, Jeffrey Zayda is massage and bodywork in Fairlawn…find him on Facebook. Dr. Shannon Francis acupuncture and chiropractic care on Springside Drive in Fairlawn. The healing arts staff at both Lifesource and Release Yoga is also talented and ready to treat your friends and family well.

Consider gifting a donation: Zenworks Yoga provides yoga in the public schools but CLE and AKR. Power up your gift and offer a donation at

Now if you’re shopping for a yoga teachers (like ME!) consider gifting professional coaching or business services from my supportive yoga-sisters, Juli Hicks and Sarah Clark. Juli is a yoga teacher, lifestyle and professional coach at Sarah is a master at web design and marketing. Find her at

Okay…here’s the deep sigh and fine print disclaimer. This is not an all-inclusive list. As a matter of fact, this list will haunt me. I’m certain that I’m omitting very lovely people that I truly adore. Please, forgive me in advance. I welcome you to reach out with your ideas for additions. Let’s make sure that next year’s list really rocks!!

And have a very Merry Christmas…and Hanukah too!!