It’s Time for THE TALK

It’s time for THE TALK.

Here’s how I know: It was the Thursday before Christmas. About 2pm. I was driving through the valley appreciating the magic of the moment. It was a moment of transition…a moment between worlds. 

The past week of teaching had been full-on special. The studio was mat-to-mat with college students home from school and adults free from work. Every one of them buzzing with excitement about the upcoming holidays. The winter solstice on Wednesday night accentuated the beauty and the promise of the season. I had taught wide-open heart and soul all week and was just bone-tired in the very best way. I wouldn’t teach again until Tuesday morning and it felt good to have that space. 

Ahead of me was the holiday season. A list of to-do’s clenched in my hand but not a care in the world. I love planning for the holiday fun. I was looking forward to creating a wonderful weekend for my most special people. My brother and sister-in-law on Friday night, the Valentino’s on Saturday and the whole crowd on Sunday. Experience has taught me that I must be organized but I needn’t worry. My calendar was clear. All will get done. I planned to love my way through with a smile.

And in that sweet moment of transition, I received a text that said, “Tracy, are you teaching Friday morning? Can’t wait to see you!”

I heard from my gut, “noooo!” And then a whisper, “you know you’ll do it.” 
First voice, “Just ask for a sub. You can’t do anymore.” Followed by the second voice, “No big deal. You’ll do it…you’ll say yes.”

Immediately, I dialed the phone and asked Beth at Yoga Bliss to check the schedule. And I was saved from myself. Official word: I was not teaching again until Tuesday morning. After a friendly little text reply to my yoga-fan, I was back in my groove.

But seriously, it’s time for THE TALK:

Hey you…second little voice…step forward. That’s right…come out of the shadow. We need to talk. 

Honey, who are you? And what are you trying to do to us? 

Why would you say ‘yes’ to one more class when clearly you’ve given all you have this week? 

Are you trying to protect us? What are you afraid of?

I care so much about you but we cannot continue this way. I need for you to work with me here. We need to create something wonderful and that’s not going to happen if you keep getting me overcommitted and run-down to nothing. 

Okay, I hear you. I know it’s scary to miss out on opportunities especially when there are so many folks attending class during the holidays. And you worry that they will like another teacher better. And there’s the money too. And sure you just love teaching yoga! Sure! I hear your concerns.

But here’s the truth: saying ‘yes’ to everything just makes for busy and busy becomes chaos and chaos becomes disaster. If we are going to move life forward, we need to establish a clear vision and a sense of purpose. We need make ‘yes’ and ‘no’ choices aligned to that clear, focused purpose. It’s going to take a disciplined commitment to maintain our priorities against our habits. That’s why I need your help. But sincerely, if our goals are based on our values, it will be so worthwhile. 

Stick with me, little one! Let’s say ‘no’ when we need to and make something great happen in 2017!

So starts, THE TALK. Trust me, it is neither the only nor the last conversation I will be having with myself in the next couple of weeks. As 2016 rolls into 2017 (and I experience this as a broad sweeping transition), I will be getting my sh** together in many different ways. 

I will be practicing more because my practice connects me to myself. I will be seeking places in my body, mind and spirit that need to be opened and examined. I will meditate inviting guidance, support and inspiration. I will engage in conversations with folks I trust to help me clarify my thoughts. I will be brainstorming with wild abandon and, if my desires require growth, I’ll need to challenge some limiting beliefs and false truths. At some point, I will create a vision board to so that I can see with my eyes representations of all I aspire! And, I’ll be resting to fully absorb whole messy and beautiful process. 

Yes, it will be messy and yes, it will be beautiful. (And yes, I will need to occasionally say ‘no.’) But it will be so worthwhile! 

After THE TALK, I’ll be welcoming an OM-azing New Year!