How many days do I work?

Someone recently asked me how many days a week I work. And, to be honest, the answer is usually "seven." When I log teaching hours, I find that I have one or two days a month completely "off." That said, the work is rarely a full eight hour offering and my practice of gratitude has taught me to value the down-time that is embedded in each day. I have learned to rest, restore and regenerate during those opportunities so that my energy endures. 

More importantly, however, I receive a great deal of energy from the heart to heart connections that I make throughout my day. When folks stop and thank me for a class, share a story about their lives, comment on the meaning of the practice, add their personal interpretation to my offering, give a smile and a hug....I am nourished and supported.

Those moments are the "I get you"...the 'we are one"...the NAMASTE of my day!