From the Heart

The new moon on January 27th aligned beautifully to support me in launching another year of my YOGAkron 108 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program. That opportunity is a gift that fills my heart with gratitude. It’s a privilege to walk this life path with others. It’s an honor to witness the growth of adult learners. And it’s a pleasure to share that which I’ve learned and discovered myself from books, teachers, practices and experiences. I offer my most sincere respect to the yoga teachers who are participating as students.

As I prepare for weekend one, I stumbled up a teaching from the lineage of hatha yoga. The idea tickling me is this: The sun is representative of the heart. The moon is representative of the mind. The sun offers the light. The moon reflects the light. They cooperate. We need them both. But it’s the heart that is the source.  When the heart is guarded, crusty, full of aches and pains, there’s an impact on the mind. The mind will reflect in the form of fear, anxiety, paranoia, greed, self-centeredness. When the heart is open and free to glow brightly in its true nature, the mind reflects love…compassion, empathy, helpfulness, happiness, joy. And these are the necessary components for success.

In terms of the science, the heart sends more electronic signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. (Check out “The Heart Code” by Paul Pearsall, PhD.) As we go about our daily lives, the heart communicates instantaneously to the thinking mind. The information that hits the brain triggering thoughts, opinions, responses and reactions come from the heart!

Considering that, I must ask myself some tough questions about the condition of my heart.  Am I forgiving, releasing grief, processing my hurts and angers, listening to my inner whispers, caring for my heart in a way that allows my mind to reflect my truest, most beautiful inner self?  Conversely, do I mind-muscle myself or slack into complacency thereby expressing beliefs, choices or behaviors which are disconnected or misaligned from my heart?

My yoga practice has revealed to me the tenderness, the love, the compassion and the tolerance held within my heart. My yoga practice as incrementally improved the quality of my heart space through both healing and growth. And I’m not unique. Every day I see yoga working its mystery and magic on countless people.

The program I offer, the teachings I share, the experiences I create remind me to care for my heart. They are opportunities to look at life with a fresh perspective, release and clear, open and expand the heart. When that happens, the mind will reflect the love of the heart…the words will reflect the love of the heart…the actions will reflect the love of the heart.

From my heart to yours: Happy Valentine's Day