Dad's List

This is all you need: Needle nose pliers, Bungie cords, WD40, Duct tape.

According to my dad, this is all you need to fix sh** in life.

To be honest, I’m a breaker. I break things. Necklaces, eye glasses, kitchen sinks, cars. Pretty much anything is eligible for breaking in my presence. To be fair, I’m a super nice girl. I care. I go slow and I be gentle. But I also tug and drop and crash and bang. Basically, me being me results in broken things.

Dad, however, is a fixer. He can fix anything. Necklaces, eye glasses, kitchen sinks, cars. Pretty much anything that I break, Dad can fix. He is just a born fixer! I spent my developmental years watching Dad fix, asking Dad to fix, trying to help Dad fix, holding the flashlight while Dad fixed. I wanted nothing more than to learn from Dad. How do you fix?

 Finally, it became my turn to adult. And I found myself face-to-face with Dad’s shoes. As a single mom and owner of an older home, the stakes were high. It was up to me alone. Fix it or die!

Seriously, I know you’re cheering for me here. “Go, Tracy! You can do it! You can fix it!!”

Well, I dug down deep and took it one step at a time. Walk like Dad. Talk like Dad. Fix like Dad. And over the years, Dad’s list has served me well.

Needle nose pliers: These little loves are the pliers with the long narrow nose-like shape to them. I like a small pair that fit my hand. They are exactly what I need for the little round rings on earrings and necklaces that get tugged causing my jewelry to fall apart. These are also handy for grasping tea lights and pulling them out of the candle holders. And when I need to stab a hole in something like the seal on the top of my coconut oil, these are what I grab. I’ve also used them to pull hair out of the tub drain but that’s kind of yukky and not something on which I want to elaborate.

Bungie chords: I must say, bungie cords are super fun. Kind of like shoes, they come in all kinds of colors and lengths and strengths and knobs on the ends or hooks on the ends. I am proud to say that I have become quite proficient at determining the best bungie for the job. I use them for strapping the kid’s jackets onto my backpack when we are hiking, for strapping the trunk down when it’s packed with bales of hay, corn stalks and pumpkins, for securing the tarp over the lawn furniture for winter storage and for strapping the screen door shut when the spring breaks and the wind blows. They also make a great house warming gift! Everyone loves bungie cords.

WD40: Since this is a bit of a ‘tell all’, I’ll share my deepest inner truth here. I just love the ways WD40 smells. And I love that you can buy it in bulk at Sam’s Club. I mean, that’s just cool. WD40 is great for all kinds of squeaking and sticking. And it’s the best stuff ever for keeping your bike chain in order. (Now I know there are those who say not, but I have used it for years to clean and lube my bike chain and I swear…the best!) The creaky car door. The chains on the kids swing set. The plumbing that I couldn’t get loosened. And, since grease gets out grease, a little squirt of WD40 on my oil-stained shirt, add a drip of detergent and Voila! Good as new!

Duct tape: Now you all know duct tape. But seriously, back in the day we didn’t have all the fancy patterns and prints. A gal’s only option was the plain jane grey tape. Count your blessings, friends. Regardless, my home is never without a healthy roll of duct tape. I wouldn’t risk running out. I’ve used duct tape for countless jobs as you likely have. But I do have one super-success story: the kids and I were driving south for a little camping trip when, in Charleston, South Carolina, the car’s radiator fill reservoir cracked spewing water all over the place. Duct tape to the rescue! I taped up the hole all neat and tidy. And on we traveled. Never go camping without it!

Even though, thanks to Dad’s list, I have fixed a few things, I know the truth. All the needle nose pliers, bungie cords, WD40 and duct tape in the world will not make my feet fit Dad’s shoes. He is the master of all tools and cords and oils and tapes. He is the supreme fixer of all I break. I’m blessed by his being my dad over and over again.

And he knows first aide…but that’s another story…

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Love you!