The Daydreams of Summer

These long summer days have me daydreaming. And I believe in daydreams.    

My life is full of activities and experiences that all began with a daydream. The most recent example is last week’s Elevate Akron at Lock 3. Perhaps you were one of the nearly 3000 yogis who showed up to breathe and move and connect and celebrate. Elevate Akron is an event that started as a daydream. Just a little tickle of an idea. And now look!

That’s the most recent example but certainly not the only example. My advanced yoga teacher training program, YOGAkron 108: School of Yoga, started as a daydream. The opportunity to present at The Sedona Yoga Festival started as a daydream. The Full Moon Rainforest Retreat in Costa Rica that I led with my friend Maria Santoferraro was first a daydream. The word boxes that I share with my yoga classes and offer on my website: daydream. I could travel back in time year after year and name blessing after blessing, experience after experience that began as a whisper of an idea. All were created from a simple summertime muse.  

And to be truthful, each of these daydreams were embedded in the fog of doubt and lack. Honestly. Each idea, each desire I’ve had in my life has been accompanied by fears and insecurities. I’m sure some are familiar to you.

They sound like this:

“Yeah, right! I wish!”

“I don’t have the money for that.”

“And when would I get that done?!”

“Well, now is just not the time.”

“I would need {blah, blah} and that’s not happenin’!”

“Maybe when the kids are older.”

I could share more, but thoughts of scarcity, doubt, fear, lack, and limit are a heavy load. And they suck the life out of daydreams. Daydreams need a friendly welcome, some sunshine, some fresh air and a little space. That’s why summer is such a great time for them. In the summer, we’ve got that stuff!

We’ve got the stuff, but –this is the important part - we have to make the choice. I’ve learned that the choice is mine. Always mine. I can fly. I can soar. I can sit in the nest. I decide.

In a yoga class I recently taught, I offered a balancing sequence: three variations of garudasana/eagle asana. First, we wrapped up the familiar eagle pose. Took a few breaths. Then, moved to awkward eagle pose. We unwrapped the leg and touched the knee to the back of the calf of the standing leg. (You’ve got to dip the bum and bend the standing leg to get that one.) After a few breaths, we opened it all up for soaring eagle. To soar, the standing leg straightens and the wrapped leg extends way out to the side with foot flexed.  The arms are wide open, palms up, shoulders down and the heart lifts. Depending on your breath, you can fly or….you can soar! Of course, if you prefer, you can opt out. Just sit in the nest.

That was fun but it’s not the most interesting part of the story. The most interesting part of the story happened later that afternoon as I walked my dog. My neighbor was outside and I stopped to chat. He enjoys wildlife and camping and telling stories. He told me a story from his long ago days. Imagine my surprise: a story about eagles! Hmm.

He was once cabin camping on a lake out west, when he woke to the sounds of squawking on the patio deck. He looked out of the window to see that the eagles who nested across the lake were on the terrace. The mama and two babies. Seriously. Three eagles were sitting right there on his deck!

Apparently the mama was teaching the babies to fly. And the babies were drooping and whining and giving the mama such a hard time. Despite the fact that they stood nearly three feet tall, they were hunched and defeated by the effort of flying. And the mama, who was only a few inches taller, was all puffed up. She was so determined to get them flying. She was squawking and screaming at them. I smiled and laughed at the thought of this! How crazy and delightful!

As you’d expect, the mama encouraged and the babies flew. The whole family of eagles returned safely to their nest. And it would only be a day or two until my neighbor saw the three of them soaring high above the lake loving the blue sky.

Now, we all know eagles can fly. They are a grand bird that can not only fly but SOAR! It’s just who they are. No failed eagles…all eagles leave the nest.  All those babies needed to do was to be themselves. They were born to soar!

And so are we. You and I are soar-ers! All we need to do is brush away the fog and fear. Release the thoughts of scarcity and lack. Embrace the possibility and the potential. Make the choice. And soar ourselves right into our daydreams!

Just like mama eagle, I’m here to remind you and support you. Please don’t spend your life hanging out in the nest.

Here are few ideas to get you started:

Journal your daydreams. Get them on paper where you can see them. Read them aloud so you can hear them.

Practice the eagle sequence I’ve offered. Notice what if feels like to be tight in the bind. To be ‘in the nest.’ Then move to awkward eagle and feel the uncertainty of that attempt. If it feels awkward, you are doing it right. Then open up and soar. Breathe lots of life into your shape and fly high! Let that fantastic feeling fuel your daydreams.

You can fly with me: Align to Shine Day Retreat at Crown Point Ecology Center in September. Spend the day dreaming, organizing and preparing for possibility!   

And if you’re really looking to soar….join me in Costa Rica in March of 2018 for the Align to Shine Jungle Discovery Retreat. Your week will be packed with exciting experiences of adventure and transformation!

Here’s to the daydreams of summer!