In addition to public yoga classes, yoga workshops, teacher training modules, and retreats, I am also pleased to offer the following service: 



With a 2200 year history founded in Ayurvedic medicine and yoga, Thai Massage is gaining popularity in the West. This unique form of bodywork is a part of the traditional healing practices in Thailand. It is done fully clothed on a cushioned floor mat. It is often described as "having someone do yoga to you." Thai Massage is appropriate for all ages and compliments any lifestyle.

Thai Massage Benefits:

improved circulation • detoxification of the lymphatic system • increase in flexibility and range of motion • improved muscle tone• heightened immune function • recovery from over-exertion • relaxation of sore or tense muscles• enhanced natural healing processes

Session Pricing:

  • $75 - 60 minute session
  • $100 - 90 minute session
  • $125 - 120 minute session