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Nurture Your Soul with Christine Canter

  • Yoga 108: School of Yoga 1300 Weathervane Lane Suite 322 Akron, OH, 44313 United States (map)

Life can often feel complex and overwhelming. It's easy to feel stuck, blocked or even frantic. Perhaps you've tried ways to feel balanced and peaceful, but you still find yourself back to the same difficult feelings and experiences no matter what you try. It's exhausting! The thought of adding “one more thing” feels impossible. You're beginning to wonder if change is even possible.

I get it. I’ve been there. I know that change is possible! Join me for a reiki-infused, chakra-focused yoga workshop and invite harmony and balance back into your life. When we work with the movement of energy through our chakras and the healing energy of Reiki, we promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. When we settle into restorative resting yoga poses, we soothe our central nervous system, reduce stress, replenish energy, and improve sleep and mental focus.

Yoga is the practice inward to our most essential, true self. As we place our body into postures of receptivity, we allow layers of tension to melt, our busy minds to settle and the complexities of life to fade into the background. During this workshop, we will explore yoga postures to help open the chakras, invite our internal energies to flow, and allow our bodies to absorb the healing vibrations of Reiki.  After a discussion on the benefits of opening and balancing our chakras and Reiki, we will move through a chakra-centered yoga practice, followed by restorative yoga and Reiki.  Reiki energy will be active throughout the workshop, but some hands on (or hands off if you prefer) healing will be offered during the restorative part of our practice.

Join me on a journey of healing and exploration!

Workshop investment: $30