Current yoga teachers seeking Yoga Alliance CEUs to maintain credentials will find opportunities under the WORKSHOPS. If you don't find what you're looking for, simply reach out via email. 

Tracy is pleased and proud to lead the 200 hour teacher training program at Yoga Bliss in Fairlawn, Oh commencing January 2018. Please visit the Yoga Bliss website for information and registration.

Scroll down for information on YOGAkron 108's advanced 300 level program and training modules available for 200 level schools. 


advanced 300 hour teacher training program



Are you interested in taking your yoga teaching from good to great and creating classes that inspire and empower? My 300 hour advanced teacher training program is an offering which honors the complete practice of yoga. You can expect to move beyond your foundation as a yoga teacher towards mastery of your craft. 


YOGAkron 108 Teaching Training is designed to develop mastery in the following areas:

  • Develop a personal presence that allows you to connect with students and provide a supportive space for growth.
  • Incorporate pranayama, mudra, mantra and meditation to create a complete and meaningful studio yoga class.
  • Make yoga history and philosophy accessible and helpful to everyday people living everyday lives. 
  • Create intelligent vinyasa sequences that allow the body to find the space and strength to welcome challenging asanas.
  • Understand the anatomy of movement, the flow of energy and the use of breath for physically satisfying experiences.
  • Gain experience, knowledge and feedback to offer safe, supportive and satisfying assists.
  • Understand the 'whys' and 'hows' of both restorative yoga and yin yoga
  • Learn how to safely and beneficially plan for students with physical limitations and/or injuries including chair yoga.
  • Gain knowledge to confidently include women who are pregnant: prenatal or postnatal.
  • Learn to plan classes for children, teens and families that are fun and that create unity and peace.
  • Receive a Reiki 1 attunement and learn ways to offer aromatherapy intelligently.   
  • Create yoga classes which offer bhakti and a feeling of power…or freedom…or peace…purposefully.
  • Cultivate a personal lifestyle attuned to Ayurveda practices, philosophical teachings, and yogic traditions.
  • Develop an area of personal expertise that steps you into the role of a leader in the greater yoga community.
  • Join others in offering SEVA so that your love of yoga becomes a gift to those who need.
  • Participate in a full day of retreat structured carefully and mindfully to guide you into the stillness of your own heart.
  • Learn how to develop yourself as a professional in the field of yoga through sound business practices. 
  • Gain insight from internationally known teachers and local experts and become a member of a learning community.
  • Live your yoga from a personal center of truth and authenticity with such clarity that you being YOU inspires and empowers others. 


You will be joining a professional learning community that offers more than deep philosophical discussions and kick-butt asana practices. You’ll find a group of like-minded people committed, as you are, to living their yoga practice off the mat and out of the studio. You’ll connect with others who are living open-hearted and purpose-driven lives. You’ll gain support from a peer group that understands the everyday challenges of living one’s passion. You’ll discover and claim your personal gifts and offer them through your teachings. 


Save the Dates | 2018 Program Weekends

  • January 19th-21st
  • February 23rd-25th 
  • March 10th-11th
  • March 24th
  • April 7th-8th
  • April 21st-22nd
  • May 18th-20th
  • June 9th-10th
  • July 8th
  • July 14th-15th
  • August 19th-20th
  • September 15th-16th
  • October 13th-14th
  • October 27th-28th
  • November 17th-18th
  • December 7th-9th

**Please note: Dates are as concrete as possible. They are subject to change with clear communication to participants. 

***While it is possible to complete the program in twelve months, those who would like a less intense experience, need to make-up absences or require longer to complete their projects may elect to complete the program within 24 months. Missed sessions can be taken the following year without additional charge. Make-up sessions with guest teachers require additional payment.


Program Location:

Sessions will be held at Terra Amma; 1862 Akron Peninsula Road, Akron OH 44313 on Friday evenings 5/6pm-9pm, Saturday 8am -4pm and Sunday 10am-4pm. 

Sunday morning yoga practice will be held at Yoga Bliss in Fairlawn, OH beginning at 8:00AM. Following the practice, we will reconvene at Terra Amma to complete the day 10am -4pm.

There is one special location scheduled: 

  • The Silent Retreat at Crown Point located at 3220 Ira Road, Bath OH 44210


Want more information?

I do have more information to share with those interested in the program. The reading list, tuition/payment plan, a complete calendar of the session topics and more are available. And I am happy to answer individual questions and address personal concerns. Please reach out to me at I sincerely welcome your inquiry.

How to Apply:

Please click the button below to begin your application. A $50 non-refundable application fee is required.

Thank you for being such an organized, committed leader and putting your heart and soul into each and every TT weekend! You shine your amazing light on each one of us!
— Lisa Nicklash, Current Teacher Training Student
Tracy amazes by meeting each of her students where they are and taking 200 hour teachers and embellishing them towards their 300 hour certification. It’s not just a certification, it’s an experience that will enhance your teaching and your life!
— Jamie McDaniel, Current Teacher Training Student




200 hour teaching training modules


I am happy to offer "a la carte" 200 RYT Teacher Training sessions. Trainings may be offered under your Registered Yoga School or YOGAkron 108. All training modules include lectures supported by visual presentation (on laptop, television or chalkboard), handouts, interactive conversation, and supportive experiences of asana, meditation, journaling and experiential evidence. Follow-up assignments are available if desired. Learning objectives and certificates appropriate to Yoga Alliance standards are available.

Please contact me for more information on adding on the of sessions below to your yoga teacher training program and view the 200 level offerings below: